7 Sunglasses That Protect Your Eyes From Getting Burned AF

ZeroUV sunglasses; Ray-Ban sunglasses

You’re putting SPF all over your body every summer (good on you!) but your skin isn’t the only part of you that needs sun protection. Your eyes are actually super-vulnerable to the sun’s rays (just ask Busy Phillips) and require a bit more coverage than what you get from your typical $7 drugstore shades—unless you’re into the idea of getting sunburned eyes.

Enter these seven awesome UV protection sunglasses, which will keep you covered all season long, from pool chairs to bike rides.


BUY IT $59, nordstrom.com

Yes, you can still look glam while making a smart vision choice with these fun sunglasses.


BUY IT $173, oakley.com

A latch ensures you never lose your UV protection sunglasses (just clip to your clothes).


BUY IT $169, smithoptics.com

Amplify your world (and see way more clearly!) with the advanced polarized lenses.


BUY IT $10, shop.zerouv.com

Don’t let the brand name fool you; these provide 100 percent UV protection.

Maui Jim

BUY IT $229, mauijim.com

This pair eliminates 99 percent of glare and enhances colors (Insta filter glasses!).


BUY IT $170, roka.com

All-purpose UV protection sunglasses for the runners, bikers, boaters, and beachers.

Ray Ban

BUY IT $188, ray-ban.com

The lens shade fades from green to blue, but the safety is solid.

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