8 Of The Weirdest Jeans ASOS Has For Sale Right Now

The great thing about denim is that, since it’s such a classic staple, designers let their freak flag fly when it comes to trying to break the iconic silhouette out of its classic mode. And no one does that better than ASOS. ASOS has a lot of weird jeans on sale right now, and your closet will be the better for it. While it’s important to have your staple sets of denim — rocking everything from high waist mom jeans, to form fitting skinny jeans, to baggy boyfriend jeans — there’s also some room in everyone’s closet to add in a more adventurous style or two.

And luckily for us, the online retailer specializes in adventurous. For example, they were the ones that brought us the butt crack jeans, which were a pair of high waist jeans with two cut outs on the side that made it look like a makeshift butt crack. Now ASOS has a whole slew of new jeans for you to play and shock with, and they’re just as adventurous as the last batch. From ’90s-like skater pants, to interesting embroidered patches, to geometric cut-outs, there is a lot to consider. Check out some of the top picks below.

1. Hand Jeans

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