9 Stars Still Rocking Bikinis In Fall: Olivia Munn, Julianne Hough & More

Olivia Munn, Julianne Hough and more sexy stars have showed off their amazing bodies in bikinis during the fall months and we have some of our favorites pics of them right here.

Who says bikinis can’t be worn in the fall?! Hot celebs like Olivia Munn and Julianne Hough have recently posed in bikinis despite Sept. 22 marking the official first day of the autumn season and we’re loving every second of it! Since many of these sexy ladies are living in sunny places like Los Angeles, they’re truly taking full advantage of the weather for as long as possible and we can’t say that we blame them. We’re taking a look at some of our favorite fall bikini pics from some of the most gorgeous stars.

Olivia smiled in a very flattering white bikini for her fall photo and it was definitely eye-catching. Julianne on the other hand posed topless in only bikini bottoms for a photo from the back. Rita Ora looked equally as great in a black bikini while standing in a pool for her snapshot while Jennifer Lopez rocked a neon orange swimsuit. Hailey Baldwin also once strutted her stuff in a dark blue bikini during the fall and Bella Hadid sat looking amazing in a white bikini and black bikini on two different occasions.

Elizabeth Hurley joined the many stars wearing bikinis in the fall months when she laid back in a white and blue patterned bikini in Nov. 2017. Emily Ratajkowski followed suit when she posed in a tan top and dark bikini bottoms in the same month. Although it’s not something everyone does, these women sure know how to make it work by not letting the cooler months stop them from wearing what they want to wear when they want to wear it! We can’t wait to see what other celebs show off bikinis in the next few months!

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