A beauty advert that said 'Wearing makeup is not vanity, it's a courtesy to others' gets slammed as 'Britain's nastiest ad' following 18 months of complaints

Voisins – in St Helier, Jersey – displayed the sign for 18 months, and even kept it up after receiving complaints.

The sign first attracted criticism locally, with some Islanders taking to Facebook to complain about the impact the message might have on young women.

But the department store defended the advert, saying it was chosen by an all-female marketing team and was meant to be "tongue-in-cheek".

It was finally taken down after an backlash by UK campaigners Not Buying It! and online publication The Heroine Collective.

Not Buying It! wrote on Twitter: "Does Jersey's Voisins – the UK's 'Oldest Family Store' have the UK's NASTIEST Ad? This is how it advertises its Beauty Dept. Email them, tell them exactly what you think of their 'family values'".

Voisins removed the sign on January 8, and later posted an apology online.

They wrote: "We are aware that there have been some negative comments about a visual in our beauty department.

"We have taken this feedback on board and have removed the poster.

"We apologise for any offence caused. We did not intend for it to be interpreted in this way, more a tongue-in-cheek quote attributed to LaNetta Maxfield.

"It complements a campaign of humorous quotes we have had on display in the past around the store."

A spokeswoman for Voisins said: "It is very subjective how people can read something and we decided to remove it so as not to cause offence to our customers."

Voisins was founded in 1837 and is the oldest family-run department store in Britain, bringing luxury brands and "exceptional customer service" to the island.

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