Alberta Ferretti Resort 2022

A desire for escapism defined Alberta Ferretti’s resort collection. While many travel restrictions remain across the globe, the Italian designer wanted to let her women free to wander, at least with their imagination.

Focusing on earthy, natural tones and sun-kissed colors, Ferretti combined safari references, utility elements, as well as her signature feminine and romantic touch, into a pretty wardrobe that blurred the boundaries between on and off-duty.

“Today fashion more than ever has the power to express the personal identity of each woman,” said the designer. “That’s why my approach is very focused on creating pieces that are of course comfortable and easy-to-wear, but that at the same time feature a strong, distinctive attitude.”

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2022

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Wide-legged, roomy pants, practical yet elegant overalls, versatile outerwear – spanning from safari jackets to trenches with delicate eyelet details – as well as charming sweaters exuding luxurious artisanal craftsmanship, were the elements of a cohesive wardrobe for sophisticated women on the go.

Everything was treated with a special attention, from the denim printed with a subdued snake-like motif to the lingerie-inspired lace tops counterbalancing the mannish sartorial spirit of impeccable blazers.

In keeping with the brand’s tradition, a range of ethereal evening gowns found a place in the lineup, as a reminder that also the busiest globetrotters need some fashion romance.

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