'Amazing' slow cooker recipe lets people make a tasty roast dinner using just four ingredients

ROAST dinners are a British staple meal, but they do sometimes take a while to prepare. 

However, if you want to transform your cooking time and put your feet up on a Sunday, you might just need to follow a simple slow cooker recipe. 

A foodie has revealed how they make a roast dinner each week by putting just four ingredients into the cooking pot. 

They use silverside meat, half an onion, three carrots and a bottle of ginger ale and keep them in the slow cooker on high for two hours, before turning down to low for four hours. 

They also recommended four sides – broccoli, potatoes and cheese sauce – that are easy to prepare and can be added to the finished meal if you desire. 

They add: “Cooked mash potatoes in a pot and broccoli in the microwave.

“Made my own cheese sauce – two tablespoons butter melted in a saucepan pot, then add one teaspoon of plain flour and whisk in until it forms a crumb-like texture.

“Add milk in gradually and cheese – mix until melted and thick (if too thick add more milk).”

The Facebook user said the results of the quick dish were extremely tasty. 

The poster added: “Omg yum! First silverside in the slow cooker and I’m in love.”

Many people seemed highly impressed with the easy roast dinner recipe and said they wanted to try it for themselves. 

One raved: “Looks amazing. Yum!”

Another person added: “I use celery, carrot, maple syrup, mustard, onion, clove, bay leaf and garlic.

“Everyone that tries it says it’s the best they’ve ever had.”

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