ASOS is being mocked for selling ODD socks… but they've still sold out

But ASOS seems keen to encourage a mismatching trend, flogging socks with clashing colours as a fashion statement.

  • ASOS DESIGN Odd Stripe Ribbed Ankle Socks, £3 – buy now

The white ribbed ankle socks, which cost £3, have one with a red stripe along the top and another with a black stripe.

Naturally the retailer has received a fair amount of stick online for their quirky product.

One shopper tweeted: "Why are Asos tryna cash in on odd socks?? I can do that for free with any of my socks thanks (sic)."

But bizarrely, the retailer has actually SOLD OUT of the red and white numbers, suggesting there is an appetite for oddity among fashion fans.

Earlier this year we told how Asos launched a gross green bra that looks like it’s put on all wrong… and it was dubbed the least sexy lingerie ever.

And fans of the brand were freaking out about a £55 pink dress that looks like something rather rude.

Meanwhile one male customer who ordered a pair of black skinny jeans was sent a VERY different item…

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