ASOS is selling a £32 metal box handbag… and it looks just like a shopping basket

It seems online shop ASOS may have taken a leaf or two out of the other giants of the shopping world – supermarkets.

The popular clothes outlet has started selling a range of handbags which look very familiar.

One of ASOS’ own designs, the store makes no secret of what influenced the bag.

It’s called the Shopping Basket Cage Bag.

And as the name suggests – it looks just like a shopping basket found in every supermarket.

  • ASOS DESIGN New Shopping Basket Cage Bag, £32, ASOs – Buy now

Featuring a fabric pouch inside, the small metallic cage, in shade gunmetal, features a hoop handle.

And the website describes it as: “Cute, right?”

The tiny bag won’t be much good for your weekly shop, but you could probably carry a carton of eggs without fear of them getting crushed.

If you don’t fancy forking out £32, you can buy a miniature shopping basket online for as little as £1 from Sports Direct.

Simply add some fabric and away you go, to the supermarket.

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