Balenciaga is selling a £1,320 tote that looks just like a paper shopping bag… and we have so many questions

Well now one brand has now taken the thrill of the humble paper shopping bag to a whole new level with its latest accessory…

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From the people who brought us platform Crocs and the bizarre seven-layer jacket, there now comes a £1,320 leather tote, which looks just like a paper shopping bag.

For reasons we can't understand, Balenciaga has turned what is ordinarily a complimentary freebie into a bank-breakingly pricey accessory.

Complete with creases at the bottom and a super stripped-back style, this luxury leather handbag is actually designed to look like a worn-out paper shopping bag.

And we just can't wrap our heads around it. Because surely if you're after this, erm, minimal style, you'd just save your paper bags the next time you hit the shops?

Unsurprisingly, the Spanish designers have upgraded the string handles to a more sturdy leather strap as well as adding a zip across the top.

But other than that, this mega expensive designer accessory looks pretty much the same as every other paper bag we've ever come across. Awkward.

On the plus side, unlike most designer bags this spacious shopping style will come in handy when you have to nip into the supermarket on the way home from work.

Anyone else tempted to use their bag for life as this season's hottest fashion statement? Just us?

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