Beauty fans go crazy over a tip which helps you find the perfect lip shade & it works EVERY time

FINDING your perfect lip shade can be quite the task – the tone is either too warm, too cool or just not flattering to your complexion.

But the TikTok beauty community is going crazy over a simple hack which helps people find their ideal shade with the help of the make-up products they already have.

The trick, initially shared by Mackenzie Burn, has taken the internet by storm, racking up over 3.4 million views on TikTok.

''Your perfect lip shade will be your eyebrow pencil lining your lip,'' she said in the video captioned ''Shout out to all the gworls''.

''And then whatever you use for blush on the middle of your lip.''


All of this, she instructed, is then finished off with your go-to gloss, which Mackenzie claimed will create the ''the perfect lip shade''.

After seeing the make-up hack go viral with almost 750 thousand likes, the beauty fan has also been tagged by many people on social media who all swear by the revolutionary trick.

Amongst these was a make-up lover who admitted that she didn't think it would work at first.

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''I mean my brows are pretty dark. I didn’t think it would good…'' said the TikTok user with the handle @localbeautypro.

For her lips, the woman was using Dior Lip Oil in shade Rosewood and Happy liquid blush by Rare Beauty.

Despite the initial doubts, she appeared to be happy with the final results.

''was sooo skeptical at first but…. I’m digging it,'' reviewed Ava, a video creator and beauty lover from New York, who had also tried to incorporate the hack in her get ready routine.

In the Instagram post, she looked quite confused when lining her lips with a brown brow product.

''eyebrow pencil…?!??

''wut,'' read the caption.

However, despite the positive feedback, many viewers pointed out the hack wouldn't suit for those with darker hair shades.

''I use almost black for my eyebrows, that won't really work,'' thought someone.

''Umh, my eyebrow liner is black, I'm not lining my lips with it,'' agreed a second.

'' "im ginger" "i have blonde eyebrows" "my eyebrows are black" and what???

''you heard her brow pencil and blush!!!!!'' a supportive fan of the hack wrote.

One critical user thought there was another issue: ''Bruh… the microplastic and toxins you just put on your lips…''

''Help I don’t use eyebrow liner cuz I don’t have any brows,'' someone had encountered another problem.

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