Best women’s deodorants to combat sweat and bad odour

It may not be the most glamorous addition to your morning routine, but a deodorant is probably the most important step of getting ready for the day.

Pick the wrong one and you could find yourself with dreaded sweat patches and an iffy odour before you’ve even finished your first coffee. Whether you want a roll-on, a spray or an organic formula, there really is a type of deodorant that can tackle any of your underarm problems.

Here are eight best for banning both bad odours and giving you super-strength sweat protection from morning to night (and sometimes even the next night)…

1. Perspirex Comfort antiperspirant roll on, £8.49

If you’ve tried loads of supermarket deodorants and can’t find one that delivers on both odor and sweat control, this might be for you. Apply this at night and it should keep you fresh and dry for three to five days – no need to reapply in the morning! This sensitive formula promises to be gentle on your underarms, too.

*Know the difference: A deodorant neutralizes odor while an antiperspirant reduces sweat. If you do suffer from both excessive sweating and odor then you may want to opt for a formula that covers you on both, like Perspirex.

2. Nivea Black & White Invisible antiperspirant deodorant spray, £2.29

White deodorant marks are often impossible to avoid when getting dressed, but this spray dries quickly, stops your clothes from staining and reduces the powdery streaks down your clothes.

3. Dove Invisible Care antiperspirant deodorant roll on, £2.49

If you don’t want white marks but also don’t fancy using a spray, then this roll on is for you. The moisturising formula also contains no alcohol so is perfect for sensitive skin.

4. Soft & Gentle 0% Aluminium Dry Deodorant, £2.99

This spray on is made of 80% natural ingredients, contains no aluminium, and is suitable for vegetarians. It also promises effective odour protection for 24 hours.

5. The Body Shop Aloe Caring roll on deodorant, £4.50

If you prefer to use organic beauty products then this deodorants contains no fragrance, colour or alcohol. The aloe vera they use is also pure community trade from Mexico.

6. Sure Maximum Protection Antiperspirant Cream Stick Confidence, £4.99

Feel both fresh and dry with this creamy stick deodorant. It’s gentle on skin, delivers up to 48 hours of protection, and dries quickly so that it doesn’t rub off on clothes.

7. Sanex Dermo Sensitive antiperspirant deodorant, £3.19

If you often find your underarms get itchy after using a deodorant then you might need a gentler formula, like this one. It moisturises, balances and controls sweat and smells.

8. Weleda Sage Deodorant, £5.95

This natural deodorant counteracts unpleasant odours with a sage leaf formula. The fine spray doesn’t look like a typical deodorant but it dries quickly and doesn’t feel sticky.

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