Bikini designer, 28, claps back at trolls who call her fat since lifting weights gave her the booty of her dreams

Karina Irby, 28, from Australia showed off an impressive side-by-side transformation picture showing her peachy booty gains.

Writing on her Instagram account @karinairby, where she has 838,000 followers, she revealed that she is “happy and healthy”.

She said: “Anyone who thinks girls run out and get overnight surgeries or photo editors think again,' the post began.

"Humans bodies do naturally change! I know mine has over the years and looking back on old photos blows my mind.”

The two photos, taken four years apart, show the bikini designer wearing swimwear from her own collection, Moana Bikini.

She continued: “Trolls will comment that I'm now "fat" BUT in reality I'm a happy, healthy lady. I was pretty unhealthy in my first photo. Not eating right and not taking care of my body.

“Yes I've gained weight, both fat and muscle but I'm now training four times a week and eating for my body. It’s crazy what eating and weights can do.”

Her honest post struck a chord with online readers, we were quick to support her changing shape.

One wrote: “Mate I just love everything that you’re about!”

Meanwhile another said: “You go girl… you are happy and that's what matters.”

In a separate three-way shot from 2017 that showed her previous progress, Karina explained her workout regime.

She wrote: “I started at a personal training gym @starke_fitness and participated in four, 45 min sessions a week. I lift weights, heavy weights!

“I only do cardio once or twice a week, but still incorporate weights into my exercises. I eat well and I eat a lot.

“Looking back, I wish I [had] help and support earlier in the form of an online guide for personal trainer.”

Previously she shared a before and after beach photo and asked followers to spot eight edits she made to her body.

The CEO previously made a staggering ten changes to a different snap, which saw her posing on the beach in a polka dot bikini top and thong turquoise bottoms.

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