Black Flag, Samuel Beckett and the Last Supper Inspire Lad Musician FW20

As usual, Japan’s Lad Musician draws from a breadth of influences to deliver a diverse assortment of menswear garments for its latest collection, Fall/Winter 2020. Dubbed “THERE IS STILL TIME. . MUSICIAN,” the garments are informed by disparate inspirations that range from Stanley Kramer’s apocalyptic On the Beach to Keith Rowe’s prepared guitar experiments to Samuel Beckett’s darkly comic stories.

As usual, versatile shades of black inform much of the range, which toys with conventional winter shapes like blazers, bomber jackets, overcoats and track jackets, pulling the body wide yet short. Lengthy shirts and fuzzy sweaters are layered atop a bevy of trousers, including Lad Musician’s signature skinny jean, baggy corduroy trousers, hakama pants and immense wool slacks.

Key to the collection is an assortment of patterns and prints, which are as varied as Lad Musician’s seasonal inspirations. For instance, syrup16g’s “バナナの皮” (“Banana Peel”) informs an abstract banana graphic while painterly renditions of animals and fruit are a reflection of “the absurdity of the last supper[‘s menu].” Elsewhere, photographic imagery graces several T-shirts, showcasing the crowd of a live Black Flag performance and the Meguro River, abandoned during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.1 of 92 of 93 of 94 of 95 of 96 of 97 of 98 of 99 of 9

Expect the new collection to arrive at Lad Musician’s website and Japanese stores within the coming weeks.[

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