Blake Lively & Anne Hathaway: Who Rocked The Spikey Halo Look Better?

Blake Lively and Anne Hathaway both wore halos on the Met Gala red carpet. But who wore the angelic look better?

Anne Hathaway, 35, and Blake Lively, 30, definitely got the memo. The actresses both rocked halos at the Met Gala in New York on May 7 and they made the look their own. Forget sweet angels with perfect halos. These two actresses went for the spikey look; so spikey in fact that they could easily draw blood! With a theme like Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination there were always going to be more than a few halos in sight. But it was always a question of how each person was going to interpret it.

Blake opted for a gold crown with spikes of varying heights. It made her look less like an angel and more like a high fashion queen. She was snapped in New York on May 7 on the arm of designer Christian Louboutin and they both looked like they were wearing their Sunday best as they headed to the holy event. Once on the red carpet, her halo was the perfect top to her beautiful wine and gold gown. In contrast Anne, as always was in Valentino. The Oscar-winner is a big fan of that line so, of course, her red, crushed gown came from that fashion house. But it was her spikey halo that added true drama to the overall look. It was less a halo and more like a crown of thorns. And we all know who wore a crown of thorns…

You couldn’t get more religious or heavenly than Anne’s halo, as Jesus wore a crown of thorns when he was crucified.

What makes Anne’s take on the spikey halo so beautiful though is that it’s accessible. It looks like something anyone can do at home with the right hair accessories and each spike doesn’t have to be inserted perfectly. But what do you think? Which actress rocked the spikey halo look?

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