Breast pump company compares women to COWS in udderly bonkers advert

The Elvie commercial, aimed at promoting its new wearable breast pump, is designed to look like a music video and features four women writhing around in a hay-scattered barn, while cattle roam in the background.

It claims "100 per cent(ish)" of women who breast pump "feel like cows", before the ladies break out into a dance routine to a track called Pumping. Unplugged.

The lyrics include lines such as: "I'm a pumper I'm a feeder, but I'm a human female," and "Yes, I milk myself, but you don't see no tail".

Though our personal favourite has to be: "In case you hadn't noticed these are not udders, they're my boobs."

The chorus then goes: "Pump it out, pump it out, I'm feeding them babies, pump it out, pump it out, I'm milking my ladies."

When the video was shared on Facebook, it received mixed reviews.

One woman commented: "Very poor decision using cows to advertise this product. Like us they need to get pregnant and give birth in order to produce milk, except their babies are stolen from them within days of giving birth.

"Understandably traumatic for both mother and baby. But yeah why not use them to advertise a breast pump for mothers who get to keep their babies?"

Another agreed, adding: "Such an out of touch advert."

But one woman admitted she found the song "hilarious".

At the end of the video the women reveal they've all been dancing away with the discreet pumps tucked in their bras.

The idea behind the campaign is based on the insight that many women who breast-pump say they feel like cows.

Ana Balarin, a partner and executive creative director at Mother, told Campaign: "In the past 10 years, there have been 14 new models of the iPhone alone, and the breast pump is essentially the same. It shows where technology is focused, and it’s not on women’s health."

The commercial was directed by Fiona Jane Burgess who, like all four dancers in the advert, has recently had a baby.

It's the second product from Elvie. The company is focused on producing innovative tech products for women’s health and, until now, was known for its pelvic floor trainer.

The advert is intended to show the breast pump is silent, cord-free and can fit underneath a standard nursing bra.

It's certainly quirky, and many mums may relate – but in all honesty it's a bit "barn-y" for us…

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