Bridezilla calls off wedding because 'selfish' fiance refuses to pay for dental work… and people can't wrap their heads around 'all her drama'

But one woman has now revealed that she has called off her wedding because her "selfish" fiance refused to pay for her pricey dental work… after he already forked out thousands for her wisdom teeth procedure.

Taking to the bridal forum Wedding Bee, the anonymous woman wrote: "I have finally come to terms with what kind of person my fiance really is… and it isn't a good one."

Describing what caused the relationship break down, the thwarted bride said: "To provide a little back story, I have been needing to get my wisdom teeth out for a while now but have not had the money to do so."

After talking it over with her husband-to-be, the couple agreed that she would put the procedure "on his credit card and I would pay him back".

However, the woman then revealed that "everything was fine until today when I did an exam of my teeth and realised that the one really bad cavity that set this whole thing in motion, indeed was NOT filled or even touched."

After her partner refused to pay for another round of surgery following the dental mishap, the woman wrote: "This was my breaking point."

She added: "He doesn't care about me or my health, just the fact that he had to pay so much money for a dentist that screwed up.

"All he cares about is himself."

However, fellow users quickly called the bride's rash decision into question.

One woman wrote: "Sorry, I'm just not really seeing what the issue is here. I can't imagine either my significant other or I asking the other to pay for medical expenses for the other person if they don't have the money to begin with.

"It seems quite radical to call off a wedding because he is frustrated over this. That being said, if I were him I'm not sure I would take you back…"

Another less sympathetic user added: "I don't understand the drama over this. To me it sounds like you were both feeling sensitive and you got annoyed for not getting enough sympathy."

Meanwhile, one rational user wrote: "Definitely don't see why you'd call off the wedding over this.

"Maybe that's part of asking you to pay him back…. if you are flighty or the relationship isn't stable, he didn't want to be on the hook for thousands."

Backing up this point, another said: "I don't really understand why the missed cavity is your boyfriend's fault…"

However, not all users were so critical of the break-up.

One sympathetic woman disagreed with other users and said: "I believe if you are betrothed to someone, that should be the catalyst for the whole 'what's mine is yours' mindset.

"You should not feel bad about asking him for help. He should want to help as it's obviously a near-emergency."

Another well-wisher added: "Totally agree about the 'paying him back' crap. This is a bad time to be keeping score.

"When you are on the brink of becoming husband and wife, and one of you is sick, injured, in pain or otherwise distressed, the co-partner does everything possible to make it better."

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