Brooklyn Decker Reveals the One Store She Shops for 'Mom-Friendly' Washable, Affordable (& Still Cute) Clothes

As a model, actress, CCO of Finery (an app that helps you keep your wardrobe organized that she describes as “the Clueless closet on steroids”) and an “utterly exhausted” mom of two, Brooklyn Decker is an expert in needing clothes that work for multiple occasions – and work hard. So she shops (and then consequently organizes her closet with Finery) accordingly.

“I do Shop Buru,” she told People at an event for the app. “It’s all beautiful clothing but it’s all mom friendly, so you can nurse easily, it can grow with you and it’s not maternity clothing necessarily, it’s just really easy for moms. Shop Buru is great.”

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We checked out her recommendation and totally endorse it: the line is made up of on-trend pieces in cool cuts and prints, but with an eye to being versatile enough to wear around extremely active kids (nothing’s super short or low-cut) and affordable enough that you can buy a piece and not feel anxious about it not fitting a changing post-baby body. Plus, it’s almost all washable, which any mom (and frankly, non-mom) can appreciate.

Reporting by Abby Stern

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