Brooklyn Decker, Whitney Casey on Finery App, Summer 2018 Style

Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey didn’t set out to create Cher Horowitz’s lust-worthy high-tech closet from Clueless, but that’s essentially what they did with their app Finery. Launched last year, the free mobile and desktop service was initially designed to digitally manage and catalog your wardrobe by scanning your email for receipts and tracking online clothing purchases, so you could easily see all your clothing and accessories in one place. It even alerted you when return deadlines were approaching or items you added to your wishlist went on sale.

And while all that is great (the ladies got a patent), they started getting feedback from users who were tired of waking up with that nagging “I have nothing to wear feeling” and were looking for styling advice as well. Combining the app’s existing features with the outfit inspo powers of social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, the HBICs just relaunched the app with a whole new set of style-minded offerings.

“Ideally, you’d wake up, open Finery, click on your favorite black blazer, for example, see styled looks, grab those items and head on your way,” Decker tells Us. “We want to save you time and energy! As Finery gets to know your style, it’ll give you personalized recommendations, and it will help prep your looks ahead of time for any weather condition.”

Sign Us up! With the official start of summer just days away and the new app up and running, we asked Brooklyn and Whitney to share some of their favorite ways to use Finery and their go-to warm-weather style and beauty tips (after all, they come from the modeling and television journalism worlds respectively, so they’ve learned a thing or two along the way). Keep scrolling for all of their wardrobe wisdom!

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