Brow tech shares client’s ‘worst nightmare’ eyebrows with FOUR on her face – people want to know how it’s even possible | The Sun

AN EYEBROW technician has left people gobsmacked after sharing a client’s “worst nightmare” eyebrows which meant she had FOUR on her face. 

People have asked if the original brow tech was “drunk” or “on drugs” when being trusted with the woman's now-botched face.

The client, who remained anonymous, previously opted to have her eyebrows microbladed on. 

Microblading is a form of a semi-permanent makeup where a handheld tool with fine needles is used to tattoo on new brows. 

The needles are used to hand draw each individual hair and deposit pigment into the skin. 

However, the ink of each individual mimic hair strand bled in this instance, causing the client's eyebrows to melt into one block of colour.

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But that isn’t the worst bit.

Her faux eyebrows were tattooed in a completely different place to her real brows.

This meant when her natural brows grew back, she had four on her face.

The microbladed ones were inked directly above where her real hair grows. 

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A beauty salon called Bllenki in Kosovo was tasked with fixing the four-brow problem.

The practitioner shared a clip of the tattooed brows being removed with a handheld laser gun.

But people still couldn’t get their heads round how the original brow tech botched the woman’s face so badly. 

One woman sympathised: “I work as a dermopigmentation and this makes me so sad. 

“How can anyone do that? 

“I’m horrified.”

Another said: “If someone did this to me I'd be in jail.”

A third similarly questioned: “Why would they do that to her?”

Others had theories on why the woman had four brows – including that she used to shave her natural brows or the shape of her face has changed since getting the brow ink.

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One viewer suggested: “Maybe she used to shave her natural eyebrows and tattooed them higher to have a eyebrow lift and now she doesn't want it anymore.”

Another added: “She could've got them when she was younger and now her face has changed shape.”

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