Busy mum-of-three shows off her HUGE daily chore list… but people reckon she’s got way too much time on her hands

AS a mum-of-three, you'd already have your work cut out for you, but throw full time study into the mix and you'll be left with very little time to breath let alone manage a hectic family and home life.

Surprisingly, one mum manages to get it all done and even has a very detailed daily chore list she gets done – all before most even wake up in the day.

In hope she could free up some time, though, the American mum posted a snapshot of her daily cleaning list online and asked other mums what theirs might look like in comparison.

The extensive list of chores includes making the bed, doing laundry, washing dishes and finding time to apply a full face of makeup- all between 6-7am.

But the busy mum also has a "night time routine" which involves thoroughly tidying the kitchen and living area and getting the kids ready for school the next day – on top of preparing dinner and doing the dishes.

Posting in a Facebook group dedicated to cleaning, she wrote: "What are the tasks that you absolutely need to get done everyday? Am I missing anything you can think of?

"I am a busy mom of 3 and in nursing school. I am trying to simplify my life, while still having enough time to get A’s and spend time with my kids."

While many were quick to praise the mum for her efforts, others reckon she's doing way too much and admit they don't do nearly as much as what she does on a daily basis – as it's not needed.

"I don't get most of this stuff done and I'm a stay at home mum while I have a little one plus an older one at school. I'm on struggle street and you are flying," one said.

You forgot to relax on that list.

Another added: "Wow, this seems like a lot of running around, for me, most days the beds are not made as long as the linens are clean, I am ok with that!"

"You forgot to relax on that list," another chimed in.

While one questioned: "When do you have time for yourself and your husband? I was like you . I tried cleaner and organize everything everyday . But no anymore. It's a lot of work . Its stressful."

Offering a word of advice, one woman said she'll "burn herself out" and said she needed some "time for herself."

"You need to cross some things off the list. You are going to burn yourself out, " the woman wrote. "It’s great that you want to do all those things but shine your sink everyday? Girl, you need time for yourself in there as well!

Many questioned whether the mum gets help from her kids or husband, to which she admitted her children have their own busy daily schedule too.

She shared their daily checklist which includes cleaning the bathroom, changing sheets and helping with the dishes.

Despite getting the kids to chip in and help, many still reckon they're doing too much, too often.

Others loved the detailed list though, and even thanked the woman for sharing – vowing to use it in their own homes to make things run more smoothly.

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