Busy Philipps Says She's 'Never Had Anything Injected' Into Her Face as She Shares Her Wrinkle-Fighting Weapon

Busy Philipps is getting real about her skincare routine. 

While doing a face mask on Monday night, the star shared with her Instagram followers that she’s on a mission to combat her wrinkles without any help from injectables.

“Really the wrinkles that, like, bug me are the two I have here and then these, she said in her Instagram Stories as she pointed to her forehead followed by the area below her eyes. But she’s never had any injectable treatments done to remove them, she says. “I’ve never had botox or anything injected into my face.”

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The star, 39, was trying Sio’s overnight face lift patches, in an effort to get rid of some damage she says she did during her teenage years.

The face-mask enthusiast did pin point the source of some of her wrinkles, and of course shared her anecdote with her followers.

“But I will say this: I did have a friend in high school… I used to raise one eyebrow at people all the time for dramatic effect, and she would smooth out my forehead and say, ‘You’re gonna get wrinkles.’” And I was like, ‘No I’m not!’ And she was right. I did.”

Despite any flaws that she feels she has, however, Philipps has never been shy about revealing her bare skin on Instagram. The star shared with PEOPLE that she feels the most confident when she’s at home without any makeup on.

“I’m normally not wearing makeup, and I’m normally just hanging with my kids — and that’s how I feel the most empowered,” she said.

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