Camilla Franks makes one more stop after her spectacular MBFWA show

Camilla Franks with her daughter Luna and fiance JP Jones on Thursday, ahead of her closing show at MBFWA.

Not only did Camilla Franks front her unforgettable closing show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week on Thursday night, just one week after she revealed she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, she also made another stop to please her fans.

The Kaftan Queen, 42, rocked up to Pelicano in Double Bay just before 9.30pm with her fiance JP Jones, a Welsh artist and musician, on her arm, where the Official Camilla after-party was in full swing.

Leaving three-month-old Luna Gypsy Jones in the care of family after she made her front row debut on her father's knee earlier in the evening, Camilla looked happy as she floated into the soiree, stopping only to hug, air-kiss and thank those outside for their congratulations and well-wishes on a speedy recovery.

Once inside, she stayed for a short while to congratulate her team and thank her friends for their support and meet some of her fans, who were unmistakable in head-to-toe colourful prints.

Camilla has vowed to fight the disease and is under the care of "one of Australia’s leading oncologists".

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