You can now buy super distressed jeans with blood on them… and no one knows why

But it looks like embracing blood stains may very well be fashion's next big thing.

  • It's In My Blood Boyfriend Jeans, £45 from Fashion Nova – buy now

In today's weird fashion news, you can now buy jeans with blood stains printed on them.

For reasons we can't understand, the experimental designers at Fashion Nova have created a pair of uber-distressed jeans with blood dripping down the legs.

What's even more mindboggling is the £45 price tag which we'd only fork out for a good pair of Topshop denim.

But if you're thinking about dressing up as zombie millennial for Halloween this year then these may just be the thing for you.

What ever happened to a good ol' pair of skinny jeans. Amirite?

We have a lot of thoughts on these blood-stained jeans

For even more weird denim, ASOS are selling a pair of super distressed jeans that double up as a skirt… and we're not surprised they've been reduced.

And this menswear brand has released a pair of penis pocket trousers… but we can't see them catching on.

These 9ft long designer jeans are £379… and we have so many questions.

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