You can now buy unicorn SEX TOYS and that promise a 'fairy tale ending'… and frankly it's all a bit weird

Geeky Sex Toys now sell an intimate toy moulded in the shape of the mythical creature's spiral horn, in three sparkling colours.

According to the company, the seven-and-a-half inch sex toy delivers "magical orgasms" and a "fairy tale ending" for those looking for a little magic – or a ruined childhood – in their love life.

The horn has a circumference of five-and-a-half inches at the base, narrowing to two inches at the tip, and is completely waterproof.

The toys, which comes in pearlescent pink, purple and white, are made from silicone and have a suction cup  for 'more adventurous role play'.

The quirky item  is not cheap – it will set your back £47.20 – but it might help you trot to your happy place, if you're into that kind of thing.

The trend of taking innocent things and ruining them doesn't stop there, though – with the company taking on other childhood favourites.

So if unicorns don't get you going there are other things you can try – such as Avengers-themed toys, including a lookalike to Thor's hammer.

Promising a "thunderous climax", it's made from super-strong silicone to ensure it can take a steady hammering, and it costs £78.84.

If you like all things magical, check out this mermaid pool float currently at Primark, it's perfect for summer and costs only £7.

Or for more weird and wonderful, look at these beautiful uterus necklaces which are encouraging women to be confident in their bodies.

Check out these magical unicorn swimsuits for the whole family, and the whole set is less than £40.

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