You can now custom-make your own sparkly or rainbow unicorn at Build-A-Bear… and they’re absolutely magical

With prices starting at £19.50 for the plush toys, they are a little steep, but we're sure your daughter will love creating her own unique teddy.

Enchanted Unicorn, from £19.50, Build-A-Bear

You can dress your unicorns up in the 'enchanted unicorn dress', a light-up fairy frock, tutu or floral gown.

While your can choose from a range of tunes including  'I love you', a Happy Birthday song or a neighing horse.

And the accessories include a flower crown, pink beach hat or light-up fairy wings.

Build-A-Bear is selling both a sparkly Enchanted Unicorn – with purple fur, a pastel main and sparkly pink horn – and a rainbow Colour Craze Unicorn – with pristine white fur and a rainbow main.

Colour Craze Unicorn, from £19.50, Build-A-Bear

But be careful with the extras, as we quickly got the price up to £45.50 when actually started building the toy.

The website description explains: "This unicorn furry friend is perfect for anyone with a colourful imagination!"

In more magical news, unicorn knickers are the latest bizarre undies design…but where on earth is the horn meant to go?

While Co-op is selling RAINBOW Unicorn horn ice creams and they look AMAZING.

And Holly Willoughby’s bubblegum pink £120 Hunza G swimsuit has already sold out – but ASOS has made a dupe for just £26.

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