Can you spot the football hidden among the pandas? Tricky optical illusion is taking the internet by storm

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, also known as Dudolf, is renowned for his difficult Where’s Wally-esque doodles and his newest World Cup-themed one one is no exception.

If you look towards the middle-right of the picture, the ball can be see tucked among the pandas.

But the picture has caused some problems ahead of today's game… because Americans are insisting they are looking for a soccer ball, not a football which are oval and brown-coloured.

Patrick Luker said: "No football. Found a soccer ball, though!"

But other people have pointed out it is quite clear what you should be looking for.

Ellie Bissell said: "I mean just use context clues for what kind of ball we're looking for. Pandas are black and white so… "

Dudolf is behind some of the web's favourite visual puzzles.

Have a look at another one below…

To mark Valentine's Day, he released a picture of a sea of pink and purple snails and asked people to find the heart in what fans branded the “toughest one yet”.

Dudás previously released similar puzzles in his trademark style, including this one of a fish hidden in a sea of octopuses.

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