Cara Delevingne Goes Catholic Punk With Pink Hair & A Beaded Veil At The 2018 Met Gala

The queen of the Met Gala is here! Cara Delevingne rocked yet another wild AF look at the 2018 red carpet, and we can’t get enough. Check out her incredible look here!

Has Cara Delevingne ever made a fashion misstep? (The answer is no, you guys). The model and star of Valerian looked absolutely breathtaking at the 2018 Met Gala, once again ruling the red carpet with a one of a kind fashion and beauty combo. The theme for the Met Gala this year is Heavenly Bodies, so what better way to honor it than with a totally punk twist on Catholicism? It sounds too wild to be true, right? See a full length pic of her outfit below, and try to tell us we’re wrong!

Here’s what we mean. Face veils are a traditional garment worn by Roman Catholic women in church. While the practice is no longer common (you better wear that veil at the Vatican, though), it’s a symbol of religious tradition — and something totally cool to emulate for a religious imagery-themed event. Cara’s take on the garment was anything but ordinary. Her veil is more of a beaded crown and curtain, concealing a face full of bright makeup (yellow eyes!) and a head of pink hair. The dress is more lattice than it is fabric. Underneath the shocking “gown,” she’s wearing a nude bodysuit and sheer stockings. Amazing!

Last year, Cara looked like a bonafide space princess with a futuristic outfit. Basically, she was the queen of the universe. Strolling the red carpet in Chanel, Cara caught the gaze of everyone whose path she crossed. The 2017 Met Gala was shortly after she memorably shaved her head for her role in Life in a Year, and rather than covering it up with a crazy wig or headdress, she embraced the buzz. She dyed it silver!

It perfectly matched her space-age outfit, a silk, floral pantsuit in shimmering chrome, with a neckline cut down to her torso. Paired with a silver belt, stilettos, and a bag shaped like a rocket ship(!!!), she looked like she came from the future just to tell us how badass she is. Take us to your leader, Cara! We can’t wait to see how she slays in 2019, now (and to infinity and beyond).

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