Celebs Stun in Innovative Iris van Herpen Gowns

Since her first show in 2007, Iris van Herpen has continuously pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion design — and celebrities love her for it. At her atelier in Amsterdam, she experiments with construction methods and unconventional fabrics, and is considered a pioneer for using 3D printing in her work.

Van Herpen tells Us her brand “expresses an organic and innovative femininity that blends art and fashion and couture craftsmanship with science.” Adding, “Our customer is forward-thinking yet timeless, exploring new interpretations of sustainability and its impact on the future of fashion.”

Her current collection, which was inspired by early examples of celestial cartography, is called The Shift Souls and consists of ethereal, otherworldly creations that more resemble modern sculptures than simple dresses. Some of the pieces, the designer explains, “unfold vibrant patterns within a warm color palette and were designed to move in symbiosis with the body, like mythological creatures. Some looks hide and reveal anamorphic faces that twirl around the body in three dimensional line-drawings, creating surreal anatomies.” She continues, “Very fine wave patterns create optical glitches while walking, like voltage floating around the body.”

It’s easy to see why fashion-forward taste-makers like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Solange Knowles flock to her avant-garde styles. Van Herpen thinks Hollywood is drawn to her due to a new and empowered femininity and a consciousness of sustainability. “Fashion, art, nature, architecture and science are blended into a new reality while celebrating the female form,” she adds.

Among the starlets van Herpen has dressed, she calls Eva Green’s look a “magic moment,” describing, “this dress is a sculptural layered line drawing of silk, showing a large abstract face over her whole body. I have so much respect for Eva as an actress, as she is able to crawl into such a variety of characters, and this dress was so great for her, showing these changing faces she is showing us as an actress.”

Another standout she notes: “Cate Blanchett’s dress for Cannes was very special as it was like a precious unfolding flower, which felt very symbolic to me as Cate has such a strong voice for the environment. She expresses the needed changes for climate change, and this dress is made to be an ode to nature, so it’s very personal to what she cares for so deeply.”

Scroll through to see how more A-listers wear Iris van Herpen’s futuristic fashions below.

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