Charcoal is actually BAD for your teeth – here's how to whiten them properly and safely

But Dr Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, who are sisters, certified dentists and founders of Spotlight Whitening, have revealed some shocking truths about how charcoal can have a negative impact on the health of our pearly whites.

"Heavy brushing wears down the surface of the enamel as there is a physical back and forth movement on the tooth's surface that physically lifts the enamel (think sanding down a ceramic table top.", the pair explained.

"This also rings true when we discuss natural whiteners like charcoal, which is a micro abrasive (the exact same mechanism as sandpaper), that physically removed the outer layer of the enamel."

But the shocking part?

"Enamel does not grow back. When it has been damaged, that loss becomes permanent."

The two sisters spotted a gap in the European teeth whitening market when they realised that there were no at-home Hydrogen Peroxide-based treatments available.

"Hydrogen Peroxide is the formula needed to whiten teeth and for the results to last. As dentists, we know of and have tried so many products available on the shelves and the reality is that they do not work."

Their very own teeth whitening strips claim to be a European first as they are the only at-home brand that have included the professional whitening ingredient in their products.

  • Spotlight Whitening Strips, £40, from Boots – buy it now
Spotlight Whitening
The Spotlight Whitening Strips are the first of their kind in Europe

But strips aren't the only way that you can whiten your teeth without having to visit your dental practice.

Janina have recently released their 24K Gold Toothpaste, that's infused with actual gold particles to give your smile a glow. Arm & Hammer also contains baking soda that polishes teeth, and is known as a natural neutraliser for any acid in the mouth that might cause discoloured pegs.

  • Janina Ultra White 24K Gold Toothpaste, £19, from Boots – buy it now
The 24K Gold toothpaste is infused with real gold particles
  • Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste, £3, from Wilko – buy it now
Arm & Hammer
Arm & Hammer toothpaste uses baking soda to polish teeth

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