Chinese New Year 2021 LIVE – Zodiac Year of the Ox to begin – here’s what it means for YOUR sign

TOMORROW marks Chinese New Year, with billions of people around the world welcoming the start of the Year of the Ox.

With a tumultuous Year of the Rat coming to a close, the beginning of a new zodiac cycle is a big moment in Chinese culture and there are many different interpretations for what it might mean for the year ahead.

While astrology fans will be eager to work out exactly what the change means for their sign, it's important to know that animals are only part of the way the Chinese years are defined.

In fact tomorrow actually marks the year of the metal ox, as each new cycle actually takes one of the 10 so-called 'heavenly' stems as well as one of 12 'earthly' branches.

The meaning is taken incredibly seriously in China and people use it to determinewhether or not to make huge life decisions during the year ahead, including getting married, having kids or starting a business.

Many believe each person's own birth sign will be affected differently by the year's heavenly stems and earthly branches.

Follow our Chinese New Year live blog below for the latest information on what the Year of the Ox might have in store for you…

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    The Five Elements Theory is a Chinese philosophy used to describe interactions and relationships between the main elements. 

    The generating cycle works with each element as they all contribute to one another. 

    Wood makes Fire burn; Fire creates Earth; Earth bears Metal; Off of Metal runs the Water; Water makes Wood grow.

    Conversely, the controlling cycle is a destructive and weak cycle that characterizes the elements in ways they can dismantle one another. 

    Fire melts Metal; Metal chops down Wood; Wood breaks the Earth; Earth soaks up Water and blocks its flow; Water controls Fire.

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    The Chinese zodiac elements identify birth years with certain animals using Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water elements which add more uniqueness to the sign.

    The five elements combined with the 12 zodiac signs produce a sixty-year cycle for each sign.

    The Chinese zodiac elements are used to characterize the animals of the zodiac.

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    When Western astrology and Chinese astrology mesh, it can give personality traits to both signs and added characteristics.

    The Aries Metal Monkeys are born in 1980 between the March and April months.

    They are ambitious, fun, and incredibly savvy.

    That naivety can sometimes undermine these gorgeous characters, because they want to believe that life is happy, positive, and genuine. 

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    Love does not look good for the Horses this year.

    They will have trouble breaking down superficial barriers and being their true selves with their relationships.

    Coupled Horses should pay more attention to their partners and fixing their relationships as there could be major communication problems and resentment harboring in the union.

    Horses fall in love too easily and would give anything for others and this never yields them positive results.

    Many people take advantage of their goodness and rarely reciprocate love back. 

    They should also avoid spending money and making large purchases to impress their love interest.

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    Those born in 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, and 2025 are considered Snakes in the Chinese zodiac.

    They are said to be sneaky, quick-witted, and sometimes explosive with their behaviors. 

    These characters are brilliant, single-minded and never ever fail – ever. 

    They simply don’t settle for second best and they have to win at all costs. Despite their calculated ways, they can be genuinely lovely. 

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    2021 will be a turbulent year for the Ox.

    They will encounter unexpected challenges in their career and studies, which will leave the Ox stressed, emotional and unable to concentrate.

    The Ox is advised to strengthen their morale to overcome any bad luck that may come their way.

    The Ox should also cultivate their relationships with their friends and family to navigate hardship and cultivate appreciation and meaning.

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    The Rat is most compatible with the Dragon and Monkey. 

    These three are all considered intelligent and competitive animals. 

    They are goal oriented and quick to their feet.

    Rats, Dragons, and Monkeys are a good combination when working together as they all possess courage and are cunning.

    However, Rats are least compatible with the Horse or Rooster. 

    The Horse is considered independent, enthusiastic, and positive while the Rooster is smart, earnest, and confident.

    Rats cannot deal with the Horse’s need for freedom or the Rooster’s short-temper which can cause unnecessary fights and arguments.

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    These characters know exactly what they want, know exactly where they're going which invariably results in them banking a lot of money.

    Earth Rats have business nous, common-sense and a strong work ethic.

    They are only interested in work and money. All other aspects of life will simply have to tag along. 

    The Rat has a good soul, and their intentions are honorable but these characters are fundamentally tough.

    The Earth Rat is amiable, honest, flexible, modest, serious, with a strong sense of self-esteem.

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    Tom Hanks, Kylie Minogue, and Justin Timberlake are all born in the year of the Monkey.

    The Monkey is the ninth animal in the 12-year cycle and is also given to those born in 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, and 2016.

    Cardi B and Miley Cyrus are also Monkeys in the zodiac.

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    Metal Goat: Humble, sacrificial, always putting others before themselves. Very creative and talented.

    Water Goat: Kind and responsible. Soft on the outside but strong on the inside. Doesn't bode well with sudden change. Stable, live quietly with secure financial income.

    Wood Goat: Friendly, polite, sympathetic. They don't need others and they love being alone. They are more suited to developing their careers overseas.

    Fire Goat: Warm, gentle, straightforward, loyal. Rarely anyone dislikes them, but many small things worry them. In life, they need emotional support from friends.

    Earth Goat: Honestly and forthcoming, although sometimes a little too blunt. Their career path is smooth and steady. They should not invest, sometimes they can be greedy.

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    Today is New Year’s Eve for the signs of the Chinese zodiac and they are beaming with positive energy.

    The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on Friday, February 12 and will honor the second animal of the zodiac, the Ox.

    The year of the Metal Ox will bring career advancement and success in business. The Metal Ox is diligent, honest, reliable, stable and powerful, stubborn.

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    The Dragon will have a promising year for their career during the Year of the Ox.

    They will be able to use their analytical skills effectively to complete daunting projects that many will not have the capacity to achieve.

    Additionally, they will excel in any business venture they form part of and will have great financial luck bestowed upon them.

    They must use their dynamic nature to take charge of every opportunity presented to them and not be afraid to try new things despite fear of the unknown.

    Dragons may even have the possibility to advance in their career if they remain focused and motivated.

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    The Ox is the most compatible with the Rat. Their Earth/Water signs align and they complement each other's lives.

    The Snake offers the the Ox warmth, romance and support, whereas the Rooster's soft and loving heart provides a safe space for the Ox.

    Oxen and Goats clash strongly and butt heads over their differences. There will always be tension in the relationship.

    Horses, with their free and wild spirit, starkly contrast to the Ox's more serious personality.

    The Ox will also not find common ground with the dog.

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    The Ox is an honest, earnest animal. They never seek to be the center of attention and do not look for praise.

    The Ox, a straight and narrow animal, believes that people should do what is asked of them and that they should stay within their boundaries.

    They think logically and and are fit for leadership, they are known for being intelligent and reliable.

    Oxen are confident but are also stubborn and hate to fail or be challenged.

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