Cleaning-mad mum reveals SALT is the secret to keeping coloured laundry looking new & you shouldn't use fabric softener

A CLEANING obsessed mum has revealed a "game changing" laundry hack which will keep your colours from fading in the wash – and it turns out a little salt will go a long way.

Chantel Mila, from Melbourne, Australia,posted on TikTok where she regularly shares her cleaning tips, and demonstrated her method which will keep your laundry looking new for longer.

Firstly, she explained that you should always turn the items inside out when running them through the wash.

And although it's tempting to use hot water, you should always run a cold wash to ensure the machine doesn't strip any colour.

But the real trick is to use salt and white vinegar in addition to your regular liquid detergent, and skip the fabric softener as it's absolutely not needed.

Speaking in the clip, she said: "Turn the items inside out, add one quarter of a cup of table salt to the drum, add liquid detergent and swap your fabric softener for half a cup of white vinegar."

Table salt works a treat because it helps to "set the colour into the fabric and prevents any fading" – who knew?

Meanwhile, the white vinegar is great for "softening and brightening" your items, including clothes, bed linen and even cushion covers.

Unsurprisingly, thousands rushed to the comments to express their surprise after learning of the table salt trick.

"Wow, I'm trying this next wash load," one woman wrote.

"I need this. The life cycle of my coloured clothes is not good," another added.

Some asked if the same method would work on denim items such a jeans, which always tend to fade over time.

And it's good news as Chantel said it definitely does.

Explaining how she first came across the laundry hack, Chantel wrote in the comments: "Salt is used by manufacturers to lock in colour in their dyes."

And added: "My grandma used to soak clothes in salt to protect the colour many years ago too."

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