Clumpy platform Crocs are now a thing… and the £45 shoes are even uglier than the usual design

Crocs are known for their ease and comfort, and are popular with mums, those on their feet or anyone in a rush to get out the door.

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But the humble sandal now has a platform heel, which comes soon after a designer high-heeled version was released.

The Crocband Platform Collection has been unveiled as part of the autumn/winter line for 2018.

The revamped shoe features a 1.5-inch platform sole, but stuck to its style roots with its iconic strap design.

And not to mention the holes across the top haven’t gone anywhere either.

The thick shoe is being sold for £44.99, and comes in four colours.

Those wanting to splurge on the chunky sandal have black and white, grey, pink and all-black to choose from.

Michelle Poole, Crocs senior vice president of product and marketing, claims the new design is just as comfortable as the original.

She said: “The Crocband Platform Collection gives Crocs the chance to step outside – and above – our traditional silhouettes and elevate the conversation.

“While we’ll never shy away from delivering the comfort that we’re known and loved for, our new Crocband Platform Clogs offer a trend-right option for millennial consumers that want to push their personal style stories forward.”

The platform heel pair comes not long after designer Balenciaga unveiled a £645 version.

But it seems the Crocs are due to undergo another makeover, with “flips and slides” due for release as part of the spring/summer 2019 season.

And the world’s ugliest shoes have been revealed, including boots that look like hooves.

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