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BECAUSE I Need More Than Medicine was the title of a conference I spoke at on Friday at the brilliant Penny Brohn centre in Bristol.

It’s a place that helps cancer patients with everything except the cancer drugs.

You see, the thing about cancer is that it not only affects you on a cellular level, but in so many other ways too.

There's side-effects from treatments, the mental anguish of having your life turned upside down by an illness, the financial burden, your physical activity, your libido and so much more.

Thank goodness there are charities such as Penny Brohn that help to relieve all the above, and more.

The charity’s national conference was for medical professionals – from primary care (GPs) to oncologists (cancer doctors) – to learn about all the extra-curricular things that are going on in the cancer space that help to treat someone holistically.

Even though I was one of the speakers on the panel, I was just as much a keen attendee wanting to absorb all the clever stuff.

I was so excited to hear a talk by Prof Robert Thomas, who is an oncologist in Bedford and teaches medical students at Cambridge University.

For the first time ever I heard an oncologist speak about how to maintain good health during and after cancer treatments.

Such as the importance of exercising on the treatment outcomes, why keeping a healthy weight is key, why eating a good, well-balanced array of foods helps you deal with cancer and even the importance of gut health.

Then to top it off he told us he had banned sugary products from the oncology treatment unit.

This may sound mean but there is clear evidence to suggest that cancer loves sugar. It needs sugar to grow.

But not only that, it is calorific and is no good for your immune system which is trying so hard to keep you alive.

Trust me, I love a chunk of chocolate, but it is very much a treat, now and again.

It should never replace nutritious food that can help build you up to deal with cancer. When hearing Prof Thomas speak I wanted all oncologists in the UK to hear him too.

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