CoppaFeel! founder Kris on Festifeel, the music and comedy fundraiser with Mel C

It’s just over a month until our music and comedy boob fest in aid of CoppaFeel!

I get to organise alongside Fearne Cotton and some awesome dedicated volunteers.

Being this close to the big day means I am probably breaking all the “be good to yourself” cancer rules that I not only try to retain but also wax lyrical about to everyone.

But the show won’t get on the road without me being at peak stress.

This event takes everything from me but it’s the only way I operate when something means a lot to me.

I get a real buzz and I swear that’s healthy.

Healthy buzz equals happy immune system equals happy body. That’s my calculation, anyway.

Festifeel is a bit of a monster and it doesn’t seem to get any easier.

Fearne has outdone herself on the music line-up this year – because we have a bloomin’ Spice Girl.

Melanie C is going to be playing a Nineties mix-tape DJ set and I CANNOT WAIT.

I was a huge Spice Girls fan back in the day. My twin, best friend and I made up a band called Veggie Spice. Yep, I was that cool.

And if we aren’t already catapulted back to the Nineties enough, we’ve somehow managed to convince B*Witched to perform their hits and hopefully wear double denim.

I am so chuffed people would even consider playing for Festifeel – let alone actually do it (and for free) – because they really care about what we at CoppaFeel! are trying to achieve.

The thing about breast cancer is that it pretty much unites us all.

It’s not off anyone’s radar, which makes it, dare I say, an “easy sell”.

I wish it was a disease not many of us had heard of but that’s not the case.

What also unites us is music and a desire to have fun in the face of a big load of crap.

REMIND to 70500.

So on the line-up alongside B*witched and Melanie C we have our friend Rae Morris, Ten Tonnes and The Big Moon.

And that’s not even the full list yet. We also have a packed comedy line-up.

I best get on with some work – and you Wannabe booking some tickets. Head to

  • Festifeel runs from October 6-7 at House of Vans in Waterloo, South London.


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