Create waves by taking on a brand new hairstyle this summer during the festival season with our guide

It’s all about going bold with the colour. And if in doubt, throw some more glitter at it.

JENNY FRANCIS asks hairdresser-to-the-stars and Tigi ambassador Andrew Jose and hair stylist Evelina Lundgren how to make sure you are the headline act at your summer fest.

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The neon lights

STEP one: Section hair into smaller segments, around two inches, and starting at the top of the iron, wrap hair around until you reach the end. Hold for seven-12 seconds and repeat all over.

Step two: Get a bottle of wash-in-wash-out colour spray – try Label.m powder pink spray, £8.46, – and spray colour from root, along top.

Step three: To braid , start by taking a small amount of hair near your left ear and separate into three. French plait it by splitting hair in to three sections at the forehead and cross the sections, left over middle, right over middle etc.

As you plait, start picking up additional hair and incorporating it into your braid. Secure in a rubber band. Continue across the front of your head.

The hang over

STEP one: To tong, section hair into segments, 2in wide, and starting at the top of the iron, wrap hair around. Hold for 7-12 seconds. Create a middle parting on the crown and take a section of hair from the front of each side and twist each one outwards and upwards and secure in pony tail.

Step two: Create a bun by taking the hair in the pony and twisting it around the hairband, then making sure it stays in place with Kirby grips. Add some random small plaits into the hair taking two small sections and creating a third with a small piece of coloured hair extension.

Step three: Cross the sections, left over middle, right over middle etc, until you reach the end and secure with a band.

Step four: Loosen off the bun by tugging lightly at the hair. Add favourite festival accessories like mirrored sunnies and tasselled earrings to complete the look.

The headliner

STEP one: Smooth a styling creme over tresses then split hair in two from the middle down. Start on one side and take about 4in of hair from the front of your head.

Secure with a band, then move down the head and add a handful of hair and put another band around 2in below the first.

Create a bubble look by looping the hair in step two

Step two: Take a piece of hair and loop it under the last elastic band so it is in place. Then repeat the above process with elastic bands until you reach the ends. Repeat on the other side. Gently tug at the hair in-between each of the elastic bands to create the bubble look.Step three: Spray with hairspray to hold in place. Use glitter spray or gems – try Fantasy Glitter hairspray or Fantasy Stars hair glitter, both £2.99, Superdrug – to jazz up your parting.

The big boho

STEP one: Split hair into a middle parting. Take the left section and, starting at the forehead, split hair into three sections. Cross them, left over middle, right over middle etc. As you plait, pick up additional hair from the section and incorporate into your braid as plait until you reach the end.

Step two: Secure with a band and spray the hair with hairspray to hold in place. Then carefully add in the finishing touch – flower hair accessories. Try these rosebud hair swirls, £8 for six, Accessorize, which are fixed by twisting the metal attachment into the plait.


The centre stage

STEP one: Tong your hair as before. Create a middle parting then section off two handfuls of hair at the top of the head, leaving the rest down.

Twist each one to create two buns and secure with kirby grips.

Step two: Take your chain hair accessory – try this one from Accessorize, £12 – and put it over the buns so it sits just below them, and secure in place with kirby grips.Step three: Spray with dry shampoo – try Tigi Bed Head Oh Bee Hive, £10.12, Tesco – and brush through the curls to loosen them off.


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