Diane Keaton Is Now a Fashion Blogger and the Rest of You Can Go Home

In the Year of Our Lord 2019 there is no shortage of fashion influencers, but Diane Keaton does not care. She has just discovered the #OOTD selfie on Instagram and now, it’s over for the rest of you bitches.


The legendary actress has spent decades giving us iconic style—from on-screen moments like Annie Hall and The First Wives Club to her signature off-screen look of turtlenecks, suits, and top hats. Now, she’s gracing Instagram with the fashion content that’s been missing in our feeds of perfectly curated blogger posts.

Going with the straightforward caption, “TODAY’S OUTFIT,” Keaton has started snapping mirror selfies of her all-black looks. The photos are all filled with comments ranging from “GOALS” to “SNATCHEDT” and “I’ve literally bought that MK belt in every single color thanks to your inspiration.” Cut her her influencer check, we will all be wearing black suits, top hats, and combat boots in 2019 now.


After tackling both Hollywood and the wine industry, it’s only natural for the 73-year-old to make her foray into the fashion influencer scene now. In fact, the actress made a rare front row appearance at Rodarte’s Fall 2019 show in Los Angeles yesterday, letting us all know she’s serious about this whole fashun thing.

Sign us up and pour us a glass of Keaton Wine, Diane is the fashion influencer we all need in 2019.

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