Dior Releases First Single’s Day Capsule for China

LONDON – With a record-breaking 83.6 million viewership for its spring 2021 collection in China, Dior is looking to cash in with the upcoming annual Single’s Day shopping festival. 

It’s common practice to release limited items for special occasions in China, such as Qixi Festival, which is Chinese Valentine’s Day, and May 20, which in Chinese sounds like “I love you”. Now a top-tier luxury brand is releasing a capsule collection exclusively for the online shopping event originated by Alibaba, which now has become a national shopping event for all the major players to participate.

The capsule, which features accessories, a lambskin vanity bag with canework motifs, and Esperella shoes from its cruise collection, will be sold on Dior’s official website and WeChat store from Oct 15.

Dior limited capsule collection for Single’s Day shopping festival Courtesy

The brand currently only sells its perfumes and skincare products on Alibaba’s Tmall luxury pavilion, but it won’t be an issue for the brand to gain the Single’s Day’s traffic for its bags and shoes. Since last year, Tmall has been allowing brands to redirect visitors from its brand page to their official websites, where shoppers can place orders just as easily as within the Alibaba ecosystem.

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