DIY fanatic who couldn’t afford a new bathroom updates hers for just £15 and it’s still going strong four years later

A THRIFTY home owner has shown just how easy it is to spruce up your home on a budget after giving her outdated bathroom a completely new look.

And four years on, the DIY fan is as chuffed as ever, revealing that the DIY job has held up well – admitting the "inexpensive things made a big difference".

The woman, who appears to be from the US, shared before and after snaps online, saying that she "love thinking outside the box and saving money."

She admitted that her white porcelain counters were extremely stained but she couldn't afford to replace them, so thought to do it herself instead.

The grubby porcelain has been given a modern wooden makeover with the DIY fan using a palette to get the job done.

What's more, she took some paint to the rest of the cupboards and even framed the existing mirror – all contributing to the stylish new look.

As for the shower curtain, the savvy woman couldn't find one within her budget so instead made one herself out of bedsheets – and the finished look is incredible.

Posting in the Decorate your home on a budget Facebook group, she wrote: "I had the white porcelain counters that were stained and I just could not afford to replace anything.

"I painted my cabinets, framed my mirror and used a PALLET to create my countertops.

"I needed an extra long shower curtain but they are expensive so I bought a couple extra long sheets for $20 and sewed a pocket in the top.

"These little and inexpensive things made a big difference. I did this 4 years ago and it has held up so well. It’s my style and I love it."

Others agreed with many impressed by her handiwork, with word like "beautiful," "excellent" and "impressive" used to describe the new look.


And other chimed: "Wow you did a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing. Lovely ideas. I love the counter top."

While a third added: "Absolutely gorgeous!!"

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