Drag queen’s Voldemort impersonation is going viral – and it’s fabulous

A drag performance of Voldermort dancing to Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman is currently going viral online.

Performed by Florida Man, the clip has racked up more than one million views after being posted to Twitter.

‘Lady Voldermort’ performs a sexy burlesque-number – complete with wands – and duels with ‘Harry Potter’ who ends up shirtless.

The California-based performer captions his act She Who Cannot Be Tamed, a twist on the dark lord’s name in the franchise, He Who Cannot Be Named.

And if there was any confusion over which film was being referenced, Florida Man tweeted: “For those of you asking- it’s the third movie.

“That clip of Lady Voldemort performing was from the third movie. Directors cut.”

And as the clip racked up more views, he added: “Can’t wait to be known for this number and only this number for the rest of my life!

“I don't wanna be that girl to milk this moment for all it's worth – but I would die if y’all helped me get @ArianaGrande to see the Voldemort performance.”

And when it reached one million views, he cheekily said: “Ya’ll have some f****d taste. Thank you.”

It’s not the first time Lady Voldermort has appeared, with tweets showing an entire Harry Potter-themed drag act, starring Hagrid, Bellatrix, Moaning Myrtle, Hermoine Grander and of course Harry Potter.

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