Dua Lipa Won't Go Anywhere Without Her Favorite Arm Candy


Finishing Off a White Summer Look

We already knew Dua Lipa had impeccable style, but how does she cultivate it? When she isn’t steaming up poolside in a red hot bikini, the musician seems to seek out her wardrobe staples and stick to them. Take her accessories for example. It’s not hard to see that when Dua falls in love with a bag, she gives it the time it deserves. The artist has even gone as far as to say that every time “something significant happens,” she treats herself to a designer handbag. And considering her recent success, that makes for quite a few handbags!

There is one, however, that seems to get more air time than the rest of her collection: her Roger Vivier Madame Viv’ Diadem Hotfix Dots bag. The black bag, curiously sprinkled with crystals, packs just as much star power as she does, and though the bag is relatively formal, Dua uses it to accessorize every ensemble, from athleisure to evening dresses. Keep reading to see just how Dua wears this style and exactly how you can emulate the look.

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