Emojis, texts and WhatsApps are now the most popular way to say ‘I love you’

Fresh research has revealed emojis, texts and WhatsApp are now the most popular ways to profess your love.

Other apps also beat an actual conversation, with Skype, Facebook and Instagram being other preferable ways to reveal your true feelings.

It seems gone are the days of love letters, mixtapes and holding a boom box outside someone’s window, with only three in 10 people asked admitting they say I love you face-to-face.

Commissioned by Thorntons for their Continental Journeys competition, they asked 2,000 people how they express their feelings.

They also asked what the true meaning of love is, and it seems accepting someone’s imperfections come out on top with 47 per cent of the vote.

Top 10 things that show true love

1. Accepting a person’s imperfections

2. Being comfortable sat in silence with each other

3. Travelling long distances to see each other

4. Calling/messaging when you say you will

5. Saving your loved one the last chocolate from the box

6. Taking your partner out for a meal

7. Surprising your partner with a holiday / trip away

8. Warming up the bed for you

9. Buying gifts

10. Being quiet in the morning as you leave

Next was being comfortable when sat in silence together, which had 36 per cent of the vote, and in third place was travelling long distances to meet up, with 13 per cent.

Making up the top five was remembering to call someone when you promised you would, and saving them that last Rolo – or any chocolate.

Thortons spokesman, Ian Tweedale, said: "It’s not about what’s under the Christmas tree, but about who’s around it.

“Our Continental Journeys competition is helping families to ‘Pass The Love On’ this Christmas, by bringing together loved ones who, for whatever reason, can’t be together during the holiday season.”

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