eople demand ‘joke’ bean-bag onesie that means you can stay seated wherever you go is sold for real

A ONESIE with a built in bean bag sent Twitter into melt down last week when it was tweeted by tech company ThinkGeek.

The retailer shared a snap of the sea green jumpsuit which features a very padded rear, giving the wearer somewhere to sit wherever they go.

However, it soon transpired that the product, which was advertised at $89.99 (£69) was a joke with shoppers being met with an “April Fools” message when they tried to add it to their bag.

But now disappointed customers are calling for the company to produce the quirky onesie with many describing it as useful.

Tweeting the company one wrote: “I know it’s an April Fools joke, but I couldn’t help but think this could be useful.”

Agreeing another added: “I know it’s a Jokes Day product, but as a onesie fan I’d like to try this thing (sic).”




“This exists???? I needed one at least 5 years ago” said another excitable Twitter user.

ThinkGeek put on a convincing prank, creating an entire page for the item on its website.

The product description read: “Waiting in line sucks. And if you're into geeky fandoms, chances are that one day you'll be forced to wait in line for a meet-and-greet, midnight premiere, or con.

“We've all envied that one person who brings a chair, but sometimes carrying around a fold-up chair is just too much (especially if you've managed to grab some awesome limited-edition swag). Why hasn’t someone fixed this yet?

“Oh wait. We have. We've given the most comfortable clothing option a huge upgrade… or trunkgrade. Introducing the new ThinkGeek exclusive Bean Bag Onesie. Now you can sit wherever you want. It solves all of life's most uncomfortable dilemmas.”

Shout out to master seamstress and cosplayer @Geordie_Holly for helping make our Bean Bag Onesie dreams a reality! We gave her a weird concept and she ran with it. Thank you, Holly! #AprilFools pic.twitter.com/hEf9tNzXd5

The company created the convincing prototype with the help of cosplayer and seamstress Geordie Holly which went on to become the envy of Twitter.

Fabulous Digital has contacted ThinkGeek for a comment.

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