Eve Hewson on smooching her ‘Robin Hood’ co-star — and becoming the next Tom Cruise

Eve Hewson finds the humor in everything, from her dangerously single status to her prepubescent-boy dress sense. When she’s not poking fun at her personal life, the Irish actress is making light of her on-screen escapades, especially the stunts and smooches.

There are plenty of both in her first action flick, director Otto Bathurst’s gritty, reimagined “Robin Hood,” out Nov. 21. The ingénue plays Maid Marian, love interest of both The Hood (Taron Egerton) and his rival, Will Scarlet (Jamie Dornan). And she had a laugh doing it.

‘I don’t find make-out scenes embarrassing at all. Everybody knows how to kiss.’

“It was great — I was the only girl on set, I got all the attention,” the 27-year-old tells Alexa with a twinkle in her sky-blue eyes.

Hollywood is also paying attention to Hewson, the daughter of U2 frontman Bono and activist-entrepreneur Ali Hewson. With her dramatic coloring, easygoing personality and quick wit, she’s part of a new breed of hilarious beauties who banter. And unlike her cagier counterparts, she’s happy to talk about canoodling with co-stars.

“I don’t find make-out scenes embarrassing at all,” says the Brooklyn-based leading lady. “Everybody knows how to kiss. We’ve all had a lot of practice. I find other things to be more challenging, like learning to ride a horse or learning an accent or things that you don’t normally do in your daily life.”

In fact, Hewson had such a blast with Dornan, the “50 Shades of Grey” hunk, that she had to hide her giggles during their lip locks. “Jamie and I get along really well because we’re both Irish,” she explains. “He feels very much to me almost like a fun brother. So I think it was a little strange for us when we got along immediately, and then it was like, ‘Oh s – – t, we have to kiss now.’”

Puckering up with Egerton (who, like Dornan, “has a very cool significant other”) was also a goof. “Taron is very attractive, and he’s got a sick body,” says Hewson matter-of-factly. “They should have done a naked scene with just Taron and Jamie wrestling in the mud or something, just for the ladies!”

Hewson keeps her clothes on in every frame, but they’re muddied during an epic, high-speed chase scene involving horse-drawn carts and fireballs. At one point, she’s taken hostage and locked in a box.

The crate was wooden and tight-fitting, which may or may not have led to a tiny injury. “I think I got a splinter,” says Hewson. “Call the medic!” she bellows. “I cannot work in these conditions.”

“I love stunts,” adds Hewson, who has taken dance lessons since she was a child. “I want to be the next female Tom Cruise, or just the next Tom Cruise.”

Despite her glamorous career and rock-royalty background, Hewson is somewhat of an anti-diva, showing up for her interview barefaced and wearing faded mom jeans, Adidas slides and an oversized T-shirt with a picture of Drake licking his lips. Although she starred in a short film directed by Dakota Fanning for the “Miu Miu Women’s Tales” series, and swans the red carpet in designer gear from Chanel, Dior and Alexander Wang  (“Rihanna at a funeral, that’s kind of the inspiration”), her everyday look is low-key cool. “I like wearing boys’ clothes and putting some heels on and some eyeliner.”

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