Every Time Taylor Hill Wears a Bikini, We Need a Cold Compress and a Lie-Down


Getting Skimpy in a Black Bikini

OK, it’s no myth that Victoria’s Secret Angels are undeniably h-o-t, but it still stands that you have to see it to believe it when it comes to Taylor Hill. In fact, when the model slips into swimwear, we’re pretty sure ice creams melt faster, sales of SPF rise, and there should probably be a crew of firefighters nearby at all times. And while it can be argued that Taylor was born to wear white, she certainly shakes it up when it comes to her swimwear collection.

From sporty styles to one very sexy fluorescent one-piece, Taylor can work ’em all. Sitting down? And wearing shades? Good. Read on for Taylor’s simply scorching swimwear snaps.

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