Everything You Need to Know About Rihanna's Fenty Skin Launch

Makeup lovers around the globe hailed Rihanna when she shook up the beauty industry in 2017 with the launch of her own brand, Fenty Beauty that paved the new wave for inclusivity in cosmetics. Since then, she's continued to disrupt the beauty space with each new product, and now she's finally giving fans what they've been begging for — a skincare line.

Like with the launch of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna's kept most of the details of her newest brand, Fenty Skin, pretty quiet so far. But we rounded up all the details about what's to come from RiRi's hotly anticipated line. Read on for all the latest scoop.

What are the products?

Rihanna and Fenty Skin have yet to officially announce the complete lineup of products that will be available at launch, but based on the star's Instagram brand reveal video, we can pick up a few hints.

In the video, Rihanna is first seen squeezing a creamy-looking cleanser into her hands, lathering it up into a foam and massaging it onto her face. After rinsing, she appears to follow it with a toner which she pats into her skin.

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The final product Rihanna uses looks like a lightweight moisturizer. She dispenses one pump of the lotion into her palm and rubs it into her skin to finish her routine.

When are they launching?

July 31 exclusively at FentySkin.com. However, Rihanna gave her diehard fans a way to snag the skincare a little bit early if they just can't wait.

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"Y’all ain’t hear it from me 🤫 but you can shop it early if ya drop me your email through the link in my bio…," she wrote on Instagram.

By signing up with either an email or phone number on FentySkin.com, customers can get an early access notification on July 29 to shop the collection before the rest of the public.

Who do the products work best for?

Rihanna designed her skincare with everyone in mind. When one fan tweeted, "if rihanna come out with fenty skincare line for men i'm changing my middle name to Robyn," the star made it clear that Fenty Skin's products work great for men too.

"Whoever told you skincare has a gender, LIED to you! Hi Robyn! #FENTYSKIN," she replied.



In another tweet Rihanna said, "The true sin would be leaving my guys out! Not up in here! 😘 #FENTYSKIN."

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