Ex-TK Maxx worker shares store secrets including the best time to buy make-up and why you should ALWAYS check your food

AN EX-TK Maxx employee has shared secrets from the store, including the best time to shop for make-up to get the best deals. 

Emily Hodgson used to work for the chain, and has been uploading videos to TikTok spilling the beans on the inner workings of the store. 

She revealed the best time to shop for cosmetics is before 11am, while she also explained why you should carefully check any food you buy. 

In the first part of a video series, Emily shared a clip entitled: “TK Maxx Secrets! Don’t think I’m allowed to share these.”

She revealed: “Nine times out of ten the make-up or skincare you’re buying has been opened and tested.

“Make sure you check what you’re buying, the best time to shop is 10 or 11am once we’ve put all the new, fresh stock out.

“The make-up and cosmetics that go into clearance are usually broken or damaged or used, and usually they’ll knock 99p off. 

“So it’s worth buying the full price one, unless it’s had multiple markdowns.”

TK Maxx might be known for its budget homeware and clothes, but it also sells food and drink too. 

But Emily claimed people buy perishables, then bring them back to the store claiming they’re out of date – after they’ve started eating them. 

She continued: “I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve found out of date food, drinks, that customers have already bought, started eating and drinking, then complained it tastes funny. 

“So make sure you check the dates.”

And it seems staff are on to would-be thieves trying to smuggle goods out of the store inside other items. 

Emily shared her tip for catching them out, saying: “If you’re buying a bag, a purse or a suitcase, we always have to unzip it and check inside, and check that there’s no other items in there. 

“And if there are some in there we always have to ask the customer ‘did you want these’.

“Nine times out of ten they’d always say no. I always make up an excuse that we have to checking if the zips work.” 

Her clips have racked up thousands of views, and thousands more likes, as people eagerly lapped up her store secrets.

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