Expert reveals the innocent household buys that could hurt kids & the surprising parts of your home you MUST childproof

SEEING your child learn to crawl, walk and explore around the house can be exciting for any parents, but it can also be exhausting and scary.

You could turn your back for a second, but that’s given your toddler enough time to get up to all kinds of mischief which could result in an unwanted injury.

As we make our way through Child Safety Week, Hillary’s have come up with some simple tips to make sure your home is a safe and secure as possible.

Put away or hide anything sharp

First thing’s first – it may seem obvious, but all sharp objects and items should be put away.

So say goodbye to those knives and scissors you have lying around.

This can include anything that might break easily or shatter into tiny pieces.

Even sharp edges on furniture can also be a hazard if your child takes a tumble – think about investing in corner guards to stop this from happening.

Invest in cupboard locks

By putting locks on your cupboards, you can be sure that everything you have put away is definitely not accessible to your child.

Locks can come in a variety of forms – everything from a number combination to a magnetic knob.

By making sure you lock away all your valuables, it’ll save them from being ruin and deter curious toddlers from getting into cupboards with kitchen tools and appliances that may cause harm.

Source plug sockets covers

Children love to explore with their hands and mouths, but the last thing you want is them playing with the plug sockets.

Investing in plug socket covers ensure that you child can’t go anywhere near electricity by covering the holes the pins go into.

Choose carpet over hard flooring

Hard flooring can be a slip hazard for children, especially when they are zooming around the house playing in their socks.

Carpets or soft rugs prevent the slipping, but also soften their fall if they are unsteady on their feet or trip over.

Install some stair gates

Stairs, heights and children are a recipe for disaster.

Gates at the top and the bottom of the stairs will discourage their temptation to go climbing.

They’ll only be able to access the stairs if you open the gate for them, therefore preventing disaster striking.

Make sure furniture is fixed to the wall

Children like to grab and pull anything and everything they can get their hands on, so you have to make sure something heavy doesn’t fall on them.

Most furniture comes with fittings to be drilled securely into the wall so it’s worth checking this is done for all shelves, drawers and cupboards.

Radiator covers

In the winter you’ll be tempted to have the heating on full blast, but this means your radiators will get very hot.

To prevent any danger for children, look at getting some radiator covers which can come in beautiful finishes to give your room a great new look.

Radiator covers will not only freshen up your home, but more importantly, they’ll protect your tot from burning themselves.

Choose your house plants carefully

Everybody love a house plant they can nurture and care for, but not all of them are child friendly.

Spiky plants like Cacti are of course a big no-no for starters.

But there are also other plants that may be toxic to children if ingested.

It’s best to keep them out of the way, but if the plant is too pretty to resist, it is best to check they are safe around children.

You could even try hanging plants around your home, so they are kept out of your kid’s grasp.

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