Expert shows the easy ‘football grip’ which soothes fussy babies – & one mum’s never seen her tot so chilled

A PARENTING coach has revealed some genius hacks for people with newborns that you won’t want to miss.

Danielle Manton-Kelly, a mum-of-four from Dorchester, Dorset shared a game-changing hack to help ease a newborn’s digestive discomfort.

She shares an insight into baby osteopathy and how this movement can help soothe your baby, including her own.

In her TikTok video, Lucy Ross-Browne, a baby osteopath who runs the Children’s clinic at The Practice at Ferndown, shows of the simple movements you can do to help prevent digestive discomfort in newborns.

Lucy says: “What you see an awful lot of is people polishing their babies’ tummy, but that does absolutely nothing.

“What you want to do is create movement.”

She holds Danielle’s son, William, in a wide grip over his stomach and moves his body in a clockwise direction, letting the baby move with the motion.

She says: “If the tummy doesn’t have movement, then the milk gets a chance to sit and move too slowly through there.

“And then it can ferment and produce wind in their tummy and that then is painful.”

Lucy advises that any movement will help move the milk round will help.

The expert also recommends trying to make length with your baby’s posture, stretching them out and moving their legs in a clockwise motion.

She says: “By just lifting up here and doing a figure of eight – you’re stretching that side and you’re stretching that (other) side.”

The slow stretches have the desired effect as Lucy and Danielle both laugh at William’s gurgling.

Danielle says: “I’ve never seen him stretch out like that – that’s amazing.”

Lucy explains: “The two areas are likely to get the most congested is the ileocecal valve (here) and your sigmoid colon (here), which are areas when they’re really crunched up are the areas which will get the most congestion.”

The video has been watched over 77,400 times and racked up over 6,800 likes.

Danielle revealed in a follow-up video, another hack that parents can use to soothe their baby’s digestion.

Lucy gently cradles Danielle’s son on his stomach, making sure he’s straightened out before “wiggling and dancing” his bottom.

She says: “When they’re not crawling and they’re not walking around, they need a bit of help with that movement.”

The osteopath says that just simply wiggling and moving your baby’s lower half, it’ll help move milk along.

Danielle’s son looked like he dropped right off to sleep in Lucy’s arms.

The mum said: “I have never seen him that relaxed.”

Her second video has been viewed over a whopping 1.7million times and racked up over 157,600 times.

People flocked into the comments to praise Danielle for her game-changing advice.

One user said: “Yes spot on!! My boys loved this too and it really does help tremendously. They used to fall asleep like this.”

Another joked: “Am I too old for someone to do this to me, I’ve not been relaxed in years.”

A third wrote: “Omg I’ve done this naturally with all of my six I just thought I was being clever multitasking now I know it has benefits too.”

A fourth commented: “Aww did this with my son, he was so fussy he had massive farts because of this so satisfying haha.”

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