Expert warns Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker's marriage could turn 'chaotic' & they need to 'give each other space' | The Sun

IN this week's Reading the Stars – The U.S. Sun's lifestyle column from The AstroTwins – Ophira and Tali Edut delve into the Kardashians' love lives.

Newlyweds Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker certainly can't keep their hands to themselves – but will the passion last? The stars know all.

Since debuting their relationship, Kourtney, 43, and Travis, 46, have gone heavy on the PDA.

But what does the future hold for the newlyweds, and will their bright-burning flame fizzle out or just grow hotter?

The AstroTwins explain what's in store for Kourtney, an Aries, and Travis, a Scorpio.

"Forever Kravis? There’s an exciting connection between their charts that shows an electrifying attraction that doesn’t get boring — at least, not for them," say the twins.

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"In each other, Kourtney and Travis have found someone to 'stay young with' rather than grow old with. 

"Kourtney is a fiery Aries and Travis is a sensual Scorpio. While this isn’t a common match, this fire-water pairing makes serious steam in the bedroom (and, well, everywhere they go).

"Both signs are ruled by Mars, the planet of lust, giving them a strong sex drive.

"Their combined (composite) chart makes them a double Aquarius (Sun and moon sign) Supercouple with an affectionate Taurus rising: a pair of rebels who can’t keep their hands off each other.

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"They’re also best friends," they say.

"But is there too much of a good thing? The Kravis relationship is a delicate dance between stability and constant change, which can tip from exciting into chaotic.

"This fall, they could face a curveball related to their home or family, whether that be a home renovation or one of their kids going through a challenging phase that tests their boundaries.

"Mason will turn 13 in December, meaning there will be a REAL teenager in the house, and that could put the kibosh on the Kravis Show, forcing them to 'adult' a bit more.

"While Kourtney and Scott have been on decent terms, there could be some drama from the Disick camp in November or December, particularly around the holidays.

"For best results, these two need to keep the romantic getaways coming. A sexy escape from their day-to-day lives is an important relationship reset.

"Otherwise, rising stress could find Kourtney and Travis arguing more this fall.

"One of them could need more space while the other doesn’t want to give it.

"They need to make sure they’re keeping the sexy spark of independence and don’t turn into an 'old married couple' joined at the hip."

Last week, Reading the Stars looked at the astrology signs behind the Kardashians' parenting styles, from "ultimate momager" Kris to "permissive" mom Kim to do-it-all Khloe.

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