Experts reveal the best way to get smooth fuzz-free legs this summer

As a mini-heatwave is forecast for the UK it’s time to make sure your legs are ready for the sun.

From skincare to sun cream protection, getting a smooth finish on your legs is a must-do for most women.

Whether its epilating or waxing, it's likely there's a razor handy in the bathroom.

But constant shaving from having your legs out every day can lead to irritated skin.

To ensure your legs stay looking and feeling their best, razor makers Dorco have revealed their top tips for smooth skin.

They have listed four key things to incorporate into your daily shaving routine.

Timing – when you shave can determine how good the results are.

If you’re trying to get in shape for the sun, you may be hitting the gym.

But it’s important to try and wait until after your workout before shaving.

This especially applies to swimming, as after shaving your pores will be open and are more likely to be irritated, particularly the salt in the sweat and chlorine if you’re swimming.

If you have to shave or feel your gym session is a bit too close to your shave, try wearing loose fitting clothing to minimise friction.

Prepare yourself – exfoliating before a shave helps reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Removing the layer of dead skin cells also helps soften the hairs and follicles, making it easier to shave.

Use the right equipment – We may have had that old razor hanging around the bathroom for a while now, but has it been weeks, or months?

Making sure you’re using the right razor, and changing it regularly, will help you achieve a better shave.

For areas such as the bikini line, this is particularly important as hair can be coarser and skin more sensitive.

Shave with the grain – this is a common mistake people make, but it’s important to shave in the direction the hair grows.

While you may get a closer shave going the other way, it can bend the hair and cause irritation.

Dorco recommends using short, light strokes.

Don’t pull the skin taut or go over a section too many times – if you need to you might need a new razor.

Aftercare – It’s very important to soothe the skin after a shave.

Use a scent-free moisturiser with aloe vera to calm and bumps or redness.

If you cut yourself, dab some hazel or tea tree on a cotton ball and apply to it, or cover with Vaseline to stop any bleeding.

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